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Shooting Fish Games

No doubt about it, shooting fish games are here to stay in Malaysia. They are known to encourage competitive gameplay with their fast-paced games, which gamers get stuck on for hours. So, if you would like to get in on this skill-based game, you're in the right place. Here, we have an impressive selection of Ocean King game online, and the shooting fish games are one of them. Let's give a little recap for those who don't know much about shooting games.

How it all began

In the last several years, local arcades in different parts of the world have increased the popularity of fishing slot games. It first appeared in Asia, where it became fashionable among tourists and locals in the early 2000s. At least 8 people could play at the same time on these huge arcade machines. Finally, it grew so much in popularity that it made its way into online casinos. Now, you don't have to visit a land-based casino to find new and exciting shooting fish games. The online casino, Ocean King, has a fantastic selection of games that are also available on mobile phones and tablets. You play the ocean king online real money casino games by shooting the fish with a powerful laser gun. With this, you can win credits, have fun, and take home some money. The shooting fish game allows you to change your weapon anytime you want, target any fish of your choice and win excellent payouts when you shoot the golden dragonfish. On this online casino, you can play with seven other gamers.

Tips and Tricks for Shooting Fish Games

Just like any other game, you can't go in blind when playing shooting fish games on the online casino malaysia, Ocean King. You need to understand how it works and be aware of some tricks that will help you win more. Here are some tips and tricks for playing shooting fish games:

  • Of course, you should have the right amount of money ready to play the shooting fish games. This should be about RM100 while you start with a bet of RM0.10. It's okay to start small with something you're sure of. Lock your bullets in and avoid making auto shots from the beginning. In this case, you don't have to be too greedy
  • There are fishes that have a high chance of increasing your credits and payouts. These are massive fishes, mermaid, a giant dragon, octopus, and crocodile. Target these big shots
  • Increase your shot value to RM0.20 as soon as you have a balance of RM160 or more.
  • Target fishes with lower points. In the shooting fish game on Ocean King, every point is calculated differently. Some fishes have seven points, twenty points, and thirty points, while others have as high as 100 points. You can earn easy coins when you target the fish with fewer points.

How to play online casino shooting fish games

At first, you would think that shooting fish games are for only consoles like Xbox and PlayStation since they are associated closely with action shooters. However, playing these games online is just as much fun. To play this game, you will start with a deposit of the amount of cash you are willing to play with. Then, choose any amount that you're comfortable with spending per shoot. You will be faced with three options: 1-9, 10-90, and 100-1000. Depending on the option you go for, you will be able to shoot as much as three canons for a specific amount of time. As you shoot, there will be deductions from your total balance. There are many fishes to shoot on the online casino shooting fish games from Ocean King, including remarkable creatures like dragons. As you shoot each fish, you will be given its unique coin value. Some bonus items are available to increase your multipliers. Of course, getting such items like bombs with high multiplier value is not as easy as getting others. Therefore, you will need more shots to get them. Here are some other things to look out for when playing shooting fish games:

  • Pay attention to the speed of the fish. It's easy to ignore this after you load your bullets and pick your bet level. While shooting, you will realize that all fishes move at different speeds even though they are all on the screen at once. The smaller ones are usually slower, making it easier to shoot them. Going for fast fishes will be very time consuming as you shoot over and over again. However, it takes a lot of bullets to defeat huge bonuses like arowanas and sharks. Therefore, the rules are different for them.
  • Make use of big bullets to shoot the head of the fish and get more coins. To shoot effectively, you have to wait until they gather in a swarm.
  • Don't be tempted to waste your bullets on hidden fishes behind rocks or under the moss. Sure, you can get as much as 30% rewards when you defeat these fishes. However, they are designed to be very difficult to catch, which will only result in wasted bullets when you insist on stubbornly firing for a long time. If you want to go for the hidden fishes, make sure that the fish on the screen is small, has a slow swimming speed, and you can target at least two-thirds of its body.
  • To get 1000 points, you should shoot your bullets up. When you do this, nine fishes would have one bullet each. Then, increase this to 100, which will make you lose 558 points. The catch here is that you will get 1000 points once the fish dies, which is a good deal. For fast players, you can collect more coins and increase your ammunition in several other ways.
  • When shooting, target the walls, and the bullet will rebound, hitting the fish. Before the bullet gets to the fish, you can shoot more directed at the fish itself. When two bullets hit the fish at the same time, the chance of it dying increases significantly.

Top Ocean King Shooting Fish games

So, what are some of the Ocean King online gambling games you can check out?

  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Blackbeard's Fury

    This is an intense game that exposes players to the fury of Blackbeard's wrath as they try to get the highest possible score while having fun. This game includes Poseidon, Blackbeard's ghost ship, alongside the Almighty Octopus. These and other characters in the shooting fish game come together to give you a unique edge while you play. It can be configured to accommodate as many as ten people in a game. It also encourages non-stop dynamic gameplay by letting players join in as soon as there is an open seat without disturbing the momentum of the game.

  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Legend of the Phoenix

    Legend of the Phoenix is another online casino shooting fish game with Mystic Dragon Power-Ups and tons of beautiful Mermaids. With the Fire Storm Boosters, players can stay in the game room for a longer time. This game is very impressive as it has the natural ability to help you increase your winnings. Apart from this, it depicts characters like Vortex Fish, Fire Dragon Turtle, and Blazing Phoenix with a detailed interactive display that captures any player's attention. This is one of the many reasons why you can spend hours on gameplay without realizing it. The multiplayer configuration is known to allow several players at once.

  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Golden Toad's Frog Frenzy

    Golden Toad's Frog Frenzy is filled with lots of colorful sea creatures, including a Golden Frog King and Laser Crab. Get ready to be sucked into an action-packed underwater world where you compete with other players to capture the giant Golden Toad. When you do this successfully, you will be able to unleash his Frog Frenzy, giving you so many coins as your winnings. This game requires a lot of skill to master the gameplay, and players will be rewarded with Mermaid Power-Ups and bonuses.

  • Ocean King 3 Plus: Master of the Deep

    This is another one-of-a-kind online casino game that gives players everything they would want in in-demand games. Starting from the unique characters and weapons, it has all the recipe for competitive gameplay. It is also a pleasure to watch as the high-definition display combines with vibrant graphics to get you ready to win lots of bonuses and coins.

While your luck plays a huge part in winning shooting fish games, it is still mostly dependent on your skills with targeting these fishes. You can win as many coins as possible in this game when you master these fishing skills. Online shooting fish games are available from different fishing casinos, including Ocean King, Big Fish casino, Goldfish Casino, and Go Fish Casino. So, you can gain access to them on DBB casino and get tons of exciting slot online games.