How to play 4D Malaysia

Money makes the world go round. That saying is famous and true. And the truth in that statement concerning the lottery has not failed for many years. Around the world, many people are playing to multiply their funds. Indeed the lottery has been a source of joy for many people who look forward to earning a fortune from the game. And this game, 4D Lotto is solely based on digits.

Also, as the name implies; 4D is a 4 digit lottery game where people can win lots of prizes. The general and economic importance of 4D Lotto is that it serves as a means to make money. People pay to play the game of 4D. Many people love to play the game as they stand a chance to win much bigger prizes than that which they pay to play. in fact, the game is quite fair as there are many ways to play and as much as first, second, and third prizes to be won.

You can even get special and consolation prices depending on how you go about playing the game.

Lots of people play the 4D Lotto in Asia and Malaysia precisely. In fact, this is done in cyberspace. Lotto sites would display 4dlive result on their main pages. Indeed if you need 4d result today, you can easily get it at the websites that display them. Moreover, 4d Malaysia is here to stay. The lotto game has numerous combinations of digits. And the probability of having the winning digits typically is about one out of tens of millions.

How 4D Lotto began in Malaysia

There's a lot of controversy as to whether lotto 4d is gambling or a game in some parts of the world. However, Malaysia considers 4D Lotto as a form of gambling. One of the biggest operators of 4D Games in Malaysia, Sport Toto, is categorized as “operating in the gambling sector”. It is no surprise that 4D is big in Malaysia because China, for instance, has a long history with lottery games.

Also in China, there is a belief that the money made from the earliest form of lottery played a substantial role in its development. For example, the great wall of China happens to be one of the big projects that lotto funds financed. During the early period, the lotto games must have been played physically. However, with the technological advancements in the world today, people can now play lottery online, including 4D.

There are platforms online in Malaysia where people can play the lotto within the comfort of their preferred location. They include online platforms like:

  • Perdana 4D
  • Magnum 4D
  • 4D King
  • Keputusan 4D
  • Toto 4D
  • 4D Singapore

These are some of the many online platforms where Malaysians can play lotto 4D.

How to play Lotto 4D

There are amazing prizes to be won on Lotto 4D. But don't let the idea of prizes get the better of you. You can't just delve into playing the game after barely hearing of it. Hence, you must learn the ropes before giving the potentially rewarding game a try. So before you log on to Perdana 4D, Magnum 4D, or Check4D we give you a detailed how-to here. Beginners would find themselves in some difficult situations and one of the best things to do is.

  • Brush up on your Mathematics:

    You don’t have to be a guru to make an impact in your 4D Lotto game. The idea is that you need to be figure-sharp so that you can make some simple mathematical calculations. The strategies you'll develop as you get the hang of the game indeed needs sound maths skill.

  • Stay true to your strategy.

    If you change your ways drastically at different times, you might as well be running away from your lucky day. If you've been playing with numbers that you feel will win it for you, stick to them. Another thing to make sure of while you stick to your plan is to diversify your 4D bet. Put your money in “Big” and “small” to optimize your chances of winning.

Rules of 4D

The range of numbers you can choose from. Since 4D is a four-digit game, this is the range of numbers that players choose from; 0000 - 9999. You need to pay to play 4D and your lotto provider will determine the minimum amount required to play on their platform.

Draws are picked on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There are different categories of winning prizes and if you hit jackpot, the reward you get depends on the category your set of numbers fall into and the kind of game you decide to play.

Now the thing about the category you bet is this. You can choose to place a “big” bet or a “small” bet. Going either way will influence your winning chances in different ways.

Now, if you place big you are open to win any of the 4D prize categories available. On the other hand, if you choose to bet small, you are only available to three prize categories. Despite this downside of placing small, there is something to lift your heart too. Betting small means that the prizes for the three categories are higher when compared to betting big.

To win in a typical 4D lotto, the sequence is important. In 4D, If your winning number is 9832, and you get 2389 which is reverse, you cannot get a prize despite having the lucky numbers in the winning figure. This method is contrary to toto 4d where the sequence isn't an issue.

How to Play 4D Toto

It is important to note that when deciding to choose a game there are others such as 5 and 6 digit games. Therefore, make sure that you're choosing the right option which is Toto 4D.

After selecting the four-figure game, you'll be faced with deciding the method of 4D lottery you want to play. One of which is the standard type.


This is one of the ways you can play 4D, and choosing a standard is the most straightforward method of playing it. You simply choose your bet afterward; which is either big or small. All that's left is to wait for Goodluck to be on your side when the draws are revealed.


This is another method to place 4D bets. It is also known as insurance permutation and would increase your chances of winning. There are different numbers of permutations available when playing 4D.

4 permutations: This means that there would be three identical digits in four permutations. Each permutation will cost you at least RM1. Hence, if any of the draw figures match any of the permutations, you're in for a win.

6 permutations: Here you will have two identical digits in the whole 4 digits to give you 6 different permutations. Since you have a set of 6 permutations for just RM1 at least the prizes you will win are lower when compared to the 4 permutations.

12 permutations: The prizes you can win here are not as much as playing the 6 permutations or 4 permutations. This method of i-perm means that you have 12 potential figures available to you. Here 2 identical digits in your number will give you the 12 permutations to play.

24 permutations: Here players get the least prizes of all the permutations. There are 24 lucky figures to win the game and since the player is taking on so many chances with as low as RM1 the payout is low.

4D Roll

Roll 1: This is the third and final method in this piece and the idea is that you will choose the last three of all the four digits. Then, the first digit will be from 0 to 9. This means that there are 10 figures to place your bet. This method costs as much as 10times the minimum bet.

Roll 4: Contrary to roll 4, here, you'll choose the first three digits and the last digit will range from 0 to 9. Similar to roll 1, you have 10 figures to place your bet on. The betting price is the same too.

4dlive result

After placing your 4D Lotto bet, the 4dresult is available on a couple of websites online live casino malaysia including 4D magnum result and Toto 4d result. One of these platforms where you can get live 4D toto result for each day is the Check4D site. So if you see captions like live4d and 4d result today they don't necessarily mean that 4d lottos are happening live.

4D Lotto is popular in Malaysia and this form of betting or gambling has been in existence for a very long period. There are several platforms available for anyone who wants to start wagering on 4D Lotto, like 4dking. Yet you can't just hear about 4D lotto and delve right into it. You have to make sure that you understand the ways to play and the tips and tricks that would increase your chances of winning.

When it comes to the methods of playing the lotto, there are three methods. Besides the standard method, other methods provide you with better winning options, talk of the permutations, and 4D rolls. Although luck plays a significant broke when you play 4D, a consistent strategy could also make a big difference.